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December 2023

"Excellent archival photos of the precise documents requested"

Archive Mole worked exactly as advertised. Prompt and straightforward emails, simple payment, and excellent archival photos of the precise documents requested. I recommend this service wholeheartedly to anyone in need of reliable research assistance in the UK.

Academic from the USA

July 2023

"An excellent archival research service!"

This is an excellent archival research service! Thank you so much for quickly fulfilling my document request and sending it to me perfectly organized. The whole process was easy and Matthew was a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend reaching out to Archive Mole for archival support and would happily do it again in the future. 

Alina Bykova, PhD student
Stanford University, USA

May 2023

"Exactly what I asked for"

The supplied photos of the British Library documents cover exactly what I asked for. I appreciate the trouble taken to include additional photos of text that may be more difficult to read.

PhD student from the UK

December 2022

"Very helpful, conscientious, and easy to deal with"

I have found Matthew and Archive Mole very helpful, conscientious, and easy to deal with; I have already recommended this service to colleagues.

Professor Wilfrid Prest

University of Adelaide, Australia

August 2022

"The quality of the files was perfect"

Archive Mole is an excellent service for accessing documents when you are unable to visit archives yourself, or if it would be difficult or inconvenient to do so. Matthew was an absolute pleasure to work with, providing regular and clear updates - and the quality and organisation of the images themselves were brilliant! (There's a unique frustration in trying to figure out what an out-of-focus image actually says, or losing track of where documents have come from... but luckily that's absolutely not an issue with Archive Mole!) Great value for money, and will certainly be recommending this service to colleagues and using again in the future - thanks very much!

Dr Simon Peplow, Associate Professor

University of Warwick, UK

April 2022

"Recommend to any researcher in need!"

Matthew has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The materials were collected and sent to me quickly, he offered suggestions for the research itself and was always clear in his communications. Will certainly use again and recommend to any researcher in need!

Dr Conor Heffernan,

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

January 2022

"This service has been a lifesaver"

This service has been a lifesaver, especially in the era of Covid-related travel restrictions. The photos were of an exceptional quality (far better than any archival photos I've ever taken) and they were turned around very quickly. I am so pleased with this and recommend it highly!

Professor Casey Schmitt
Cornell University, USA

October 2021

"Will use again and again"

As a historian working on the British Empire from Australia, Archive Mole proved a Godsend when I could not get to the UK and also funds from my grant were limited. Service and communication is excellent, and cost is undoubtedly value for money. Will use again and again.

Professor Andrekos Varnava
Flinders University, Australia

August 2021

"Archive Mole is phenomenal!"

Archive Mole is phenomenal! Professional and attentive to detail, Archive Mole provides exceptional support and is absolutely invaluable for academic research. I give Archive Mole my highest recommendation!

Academic from the USA

July 2021

"Lack of bureaucratic hassle and endless waiting"

The best part of Archive Mole is the lack of bureaucratic hassle and endless waiting you would usually face in order to get documents from any official archive. Archive Mole is very accommodative and gets works done at short notice. They have been a saviour in this pandemic. I needed critical documents (whose reference numbers I had) and AM got them to me at the right time - even sent me something extra that was not originally on the list, much like a friend would. Totally worth the price and great picture quality, manuscripts included.

Saumyashree Ghosh, PhD student
Princeton University, USA

June 2021

"Responsive, attentive to detail, and knowledgeable"

Sometimes there are just a handful of files that you could really use for your research but cannot afford a separate trip for. After years of wishing there was some service to deal with this issue, I ran across Archive Mole. I cannot recommend them enough. Having worked as a private research assistant doing this type of work in the past, I have been extremely impressed with how responsive, attentive to detail, and knowledgeable the experts at Archive Mole are.

Ben Van Zee, PhD student
University of Chicago, USA

December 2020

"The highest degree of care and professionalism"

Archive Mole's work for me was carried out with the highest degree of care and professionalism. It has been enormously useful for my research during the challenging conditions of the pandemic. I highly recommend Archive Mole's service to any and all researchers, and I will certainly be using the service again in the future!

David Lerer, PhD student
Columbia University, USA

November 2020

"The value for money is excellent"

This is a brilliant enterprise and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Communication was prompt, professional, and efficient. The value for money is excellent. The photographs of materials are clear and of a very high quality. I am beyond thrilled by this experience and would strongly recommend the Archive Mole to anyone, from PhD students to tenured members of staff.

Honey Dower, PhD student
University of Tasmania, Australia

August 2020

"Above and beyond the call of duty"

I am extremely impressed with the help provided by Archive Mole. I tried to be precise about where the document I needed was kept, but it turned out to be in a fairly large box. Photographing the whole contents was above and beyond the call of duty, and very gratefully appreciated. I would recommend this service to anybody, at any level of research.

​Dr Peter Blayney
University of Toronto, Canada

September 2023

"A fantastic resource for academic research"

The material request process was not only swift but also incredibly straightforward. I was impressed by their prompt and helpful responses to all my inquiries. Moreover, they delivered the requested images to me in a very timely fashion, which was greatly appreciated. I've already recommended Archive Mole to grad students who require access to archival material but don't have the financial means for extensive travel. This service is a fantastic resource for academic research. I'm definitely planning to utilize Archive Mole again in the future.

Dr Matthew Blake Strickland
University of Florida, USA

June 2023

"Straightforward, reliable, easy to communicate with"

Straightforward, reliable, easy to communicate with and most importantly delivered results. Living overseas from the UK it was difficult for me to research and gather the data required. The Archive Mole service came through and delivered in a timely and reliable fashion. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Independent researcher

April 2023

"Wouldn't hesitate to recommend"

As a proxy researcher, Matthew at Archive Mole provides a great service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Dr Jonathan Westaway

University of Central Lancashire, UK

October 2022

"Friendly, professional and easy to use"

I wasn't able to travel for archival research myself because I had a newborn at home. Using the Archive Mole service I was able to continue with my research and keep up with my publication commitments. The service was friendly, professional and easy to use. I would highly recommend Matthew and his service.

Dr Rebecca Swartz, Senior Lecturer

University of the Free State, South Africa

June 2022

"The quality of the files was perfect"

Archive Mole provided a great service to remotely access archive materials that would otherwise have cost us several times as much to acquire. The quality of the files was perfect and the timeliness of response was excellent. I would definitely recommend Archive Mole to other remote researchers.

Dr Mick de Ruyter, Associate Lecturer

Flinders University, Australia

March 2022

"A pain-free, convenient service"

Archive Mole has been a life saver for my research. What was previously completely out of my reach was provided to me by Archive Mole in a pain-free, convenient service. I can not recommend them enough, and my thesis owes them a great debt.

Rachel Lansell, MA student
Monash University, Australia

December 2021

"I was deeply impressed with the quality of the files"

I am extremely grateful to Archive Mole for obtaining archival materials that I was unable to access from overseas. The responses were always prompt and professional. I was deeply impressed with the quality of the files, which were organized in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. I would highly recommend this service.

PhD student
Princeton University, USA

September 2021

"Opens up new possibilities for researchers with limited budgets!"

Archive Mole provides an EXCELLENT service! I live in the United States, and couldn't afford to travel to the U.K. to search through archives there. The Archive Mole visited the archives for me and photographed the documents I needed. I received the photos quickly, and all of the images were high-quality. I would not have been able to complete my project without the Archive Mole's help. It opens up new possibilities for researchers with limited budgets!

Academic from the USA

July 2021

"Steady and professional"

I have been grateful for the steady and professional way Archive Mole has assisted during a difficult research period. The images were clear and well-organized, and they arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for your excellent work!

Avigail Moss, PhD student
University of Southern California, USA

July 2021

"Quick responses and high-quality images"

Can expect quick responses and high-quality images. Very satisfied!

Heesoo Cho, PhD student
Washington University in St. Louis, USA

May 2021

"An academic saviour"

The Archive Mole can only be described as an academic saviour during a pandemic as I am unable to travel due to being subject to a travel ban. In undertaking a first history project which is completely reliant on archival records dispersed primarily in London and surrounds, my research would have ground to a halt without this assistance. The Archive Mole is a fantastic communicator, provides a quality and timely service all while navigating the challenges of periodic lock-downs and limited capacity archival access. I will be continuing to engage the Archive Mole and can highly recommend their range of services.

Fleur Goldthorpe, PhD student
Australian National University

December 2020

"I’d like to know your secret for freehand photography"

Thanks very much for these [photos]. They look great. I’d like to know your secret for freehand photography which is so regular I’d swear it was courtesy of a tripod, particularly when it comes to the behemoth with which you started!

Dr Mark Dawson

October 2020

"I'm delighted with the work"

I'm very delighted with the work of Archive Mole. I was worried at the beginning as it was my first time using such a service. After all, I had nothing to fear. I got what I wished for. Thanks for everything.

Leslie Sabakinu, PhD student
University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

August 2020

"I intend to use the service again soon"

Archive Mole promptly responded to my inquiry and was able to obtain the documents I needed in a very short period. This despite current limitations on access to archives in the UK. The image quality was clear and care was obviously taken in their capture. I intend to use the service again soon!

​Professor David Smith
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

August 2023

"The quality of photographs is really excellent"

I live outside the UK and am not often able to take archival research trips, so I often have to order copies of documents. However, using the services of archives only works when I know exactly what I'm looking for. It is less helpful when all I have is an archival reference number that may (or may not) contain relevant material. Archive Mole were incredibly helpful, providing a reliable quote, and only photographing those documents that were actually connected to the period and subject matter I needed (despite there being lots of other documents under the same call number). Matthew was very communicative throughout, and the quality of photographs is really excellent. I will absolutely use Archive Mole again.

Dr Daphna Oren-Magidor
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

June 2023

"So efficient, and excellent attention to detail"

Archive Mole was so efficient, and has excellent attention to detail. The photos were clear and easy to read. I will definitely use Archive Mole again.

PhD student from Australia

March 2023

"It saved me a lot of anxiety"

I am grateful to be able to use this service since I was unable to travel abroad due to being ill. It saved me a lot of anxiety and loss of work. Matthew was supportive and got the work done efficiently.

Academic from the USA

September 2022

"Received every item I requested without any issue"

"The service provided by Archive Mole is excellent, especially during the pandemic when access to international archives would otherwise have been impossible. I was kept up to date at all times and received every item I requested without any issue. It was definitely value for money and I would recommend the service."

Lee Rippon, PhD student

Flinders University, Australia

May 2022

"Gives A+ service"

Archive Mole has been essential in supporting my research during the pandemic. I've been able to get everything I need from the The National Archives. Matthew is great to work with and gives A+ service! Highly recommended.

James Esposito, PhD student

Ohio State University, USA

February 2022

"Easy, quick and efficient"

The Archive Mole was an amazing service, especially for someone like me in Australia so far from the British archives! It’s great value for money with a very kind rate for PhD students. The service was easy, quick and efficient. 100% would recommend.

Kate Rivington, PhD student
Monash University, Australia

November 2021

"An excellent option for scholars who cannot travel to the UK"

I needed some material from the National Archives and the National Maritime Museum, but was unable to travel during COVID restrictions. Archive Mole was an easy-to-use and efficient service that delivered photos of exactly the sources I needed. Communication from the service was clear and I knew what was happening every step of the way. This is an excellent option for scholars who cannot travel to the UK.

Academic from the USA

August 2021

"The value for money is without question"

I was in difficult situation for research for my thesis due to the travel restrictions. Archive Mole has proved to be a timely rescue that will allow my work to continue. Having this reliable service has saved me from a major delay completing my PhD. The materials I received have been complete and beautifully photographed. The service was also prompt, only delayed the restrictions imposed by the National Archives. I could not ask for a better service. The student discount was greatly appreciated and the value for money is without question. So reasonable in fact that I will continue to request the service to expand on my research. I have recommended Archive Mole to my colleagues as a lifeline to those of us who are prevented from visiting the U.K. Many thanks from a grateful customer!

Paul Mansell, PhD student
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

July 2021

"The value for money is truly superb"

Archive Mole photographed hundreds of pages of documents for me at the National Archives in Kew. The pictures were high quality and, as important, the photographs meticulously labeled and sorted. Archive Mole's communication has been prompt throughout. The value for money is truly superb. I will be using this service again and have recommended it to my colleagues! I wish I'd known about Archive Mole at the beginning of graduate school!

Thomas Stephens, PhD student
Indiana University, USA

June 2021

"Efficient, courteous, and thorough"

Archive Mole provided an efficient, courteous, and thorough service in photographing dozens of documents for me at the National Archives at Kew. I appreciated especially the transparent and prompt updates on fulfilling my requests given the current COVID constraints on access to UK archives. The photos were easy to download and the quality is superb (better than my own photos from Kew!). Highly recommended!

Dr Nicholas Crawford, Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

March 2021

"Goes the extra mile"

Archive Mole offers imaging of consistently high quality, particularly by not taking the easy route when it comes to bound materials and simply copying openings rather than individual folios. Archive Mole also goes the extra mile when there are delays beyond its control.

Dr Mark Dawson

November 2020

"Efficient, professional, and seamless"

I have always done my own research, but in the middle of a pandemic with worldwide travel bans, this option was unavailable to me. With some hesitation, I approached Archive Mole to assist me in obtaining digital copies of material crucial to my current works-in-progress. The process was efficient, professional, and seamless. I'll definitely be relying on Archive Mole in the years to come -- and long after this pandemic is over!

Professor Kevin A. Morrison
Henan University, China

September 2020

"Very timely and professional"

Being unable, due to Covid-19, to travel to the UK to visit the National Archives to undertake research for my thesis, I was very grateful for the assistance that Archive Mole was able to provide me. The service provided by Archive Mole in locating, photographing and sending me digital copies of the materials I required was very timely and professional.

Alistair Scott, PhD student
University of Tasmania, Australia

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