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March 2021

"Goes the extra mile"

Archive Mole offers imaging of consistently high quality, particularly by not taking the easy route when it comes to bound materials and simply copying openings rather than individual folios. Archive Mole also goes the extra mile when there are delays beyond its control.

Dr Mark Dawson

November 2020

"Efficient, professional, and seamless"

I have always done my own research, but in the middle of a pandemic with worldwide travel bans, this option was unavailable to me. With some hesitation, I approached Archive Mole to assist me in obtaining digital copies of material crucial to my current works-in-progress. The process was efficient, professional, and seamless. I'll definitely be relying on Archive Mole in the years to come -- and long after this pandemic is over!

Professor Kevin A. Morrison
Henan University, China

September 2020

"Very timely and professional"

Being unable, due to Covid-19, to travel to the UK to visit the National Archives to undertake research for my thesis, I was very grateful for the assistance that Archive Mole was able to provide me. The service provided by Archive Mole in locating, photographing and sending me digital copies of the materials I required was very timely and professional.

Alistair Scott, PhD student
University of Tasmania, Australia

December 2020

"The highest degree of care and professionalism"

Archive Mole's work for me was carried out with the highest degree of care and professionalism. It has been enormously useful for my research during the challenging conditions of the pandemic. I highly recommend Archive Mole's service to any and all researchers, and I will certainly be using the service again in the future!

David Lerer, PhD student
Columbia University, USA

November 2020

"The value for money is excellent"

This is a brilliant enterprise and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Communication was prompt, professional, and efficient. The value for money is excellent. The photographs of materials are clear and of a very high quality. I am beyond thrilled by this experience and would strongly recommend the Archive Mole to anyone, from PhD students to tenured members of staff.

Honey Dower, PhD student
University of Tasmania, Australia

August 2020

"Above and beyond the call of duty"

I am extremely impressed with the help provided by Archive Mole. I tried to be precise about where the document I needed was kept, but it turned out to be in a fairly large box. Photographing the whole contents was above and beyond the call of duty, and very gratefully appreciated. I would recommend this service to anybody, at any level of research.

​Dr Peter Blayney
University of Toronto, Canada

December 2020

"I’d like to know your secret for freehand photography"

Thanks very much for these [photos]. They look great. I’d like to know your secret for freehand photography which is so regular I’d swear it was courtesy of a tripod, particularly when it comes to the behemoth with which you started!

Dr Mark Dawson

October 2020

"I'm delighted with the work"

I'm very delighted with the work of Archive Mole. I was worried at the beginning as it was my first time using such a service. After all, I had nothing to fear. I got what I wished for. Thanks for everything.

Leslie Sabakinu, PhD student
University of Wisconsin-Madison, US

August 2020

"I intend to use the service again soon"

Archive Mole promptly responded to my inquiry and was able to obtain the documents I needed in a very short period. This despite current limitations on access to archives in the UK. The image quality was clear and care was obviously taken in their capture. I intend to use the service again soon!

​Professor David Smith
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada